What Should Synchro Swimmers Call Me

Inspired by the famous "what should we call me" tumblr... synchronized swimming version!

Ona Carbonell (SPA) swims her new free solo routine at the 2014 European Championships in Berlin, Germany.

It was choreographed by Virginie Dedieu and Gemma Mengual. Some hybrids scream Virginie (that spin at an angle in the first lap is so 2007 Virginie), and I love it. Despite seeing the influence of both Virginie and Gemma, Ona still manages to keep her own style. She has really grown as a swimmer, and this routine is a lot stronger technically than last year’s Barcelona solo. I love it!

2014 US Collegiate Nationals

Do yourself a favor and watch this because I can’t even process it. First hybrid is the entire first lap and lasts over 40 seconds, and last hybrid includes one of the most amazing spins I have ever seen.

Mary. Freaking. Killman

Japan at the 2013 Open Make Up For Ever in Paris, France.

Source: Journal De L’Eau

Yukiko Inui of Japan competes in the Synchronized Swimming Solo Free final on day five of the 15th FINA World Championships at Palau Sant Jordi on July 24, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.
Source: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images Europe
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Hey I just want to say that your blog is amazing ! It describes my whole life and I send it to all of my teammates to check it out too :D
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Thanks! I’ve been slacking lately. I swear I’ll get back at it asap!


When Paul Schlemmer got the call to photograph a report from a synchronized swimming event, he immediately knew it had to be an underwater shoot. 

Even though he had never shot underwater before, Paul was able to perfectly capture the poise and elegance of the swimmers. 

Synchronized Swimmers Photographed Underwater

via Reddit

Make sure to check out the full gallery and the Youtube video that goes with it. Gorgeous photos!

And all at once, all the synchronized swimmers in the world went…